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Olivo Nano - vase Ø 16 - h 30/40 cm

Olivo Nano - vase Ø 16 - h 30/40 cm
Product Code: FOL010
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Evergreen tree of variable size, smooth gray bark and up to ten years and then knotted, black. The circumference of the drum can raggingere 6 m. and can arise even branched to the base. Its root system is very strong, the foliage is low, rounded and irregular. This beautiful tree grows very slowly but it is a very long-lived plant, in fact, can live for centuries. The leaves are small, lanceolate, opposite and coriaceous, the underside is silvery-white, the upper green. The flowers are small and whitish, hermaphrodites, are grouped in small clusters erected. The fruit, the olive is a drupe fleshy, oval, with peel apprima green and then reddish-black. Inside is a hard core and woody.
Botanical name: Olea.
Family: Oleaceae.
Duration: Perennial.
Flowering time: Flowering begins in April with the appearance, on the twigs of a year, inflorescence, Mignola said, consists of a dozen flowers
Area of ​​origin: Mediterranean.
Climate: temperate.
Use: Plant outdoors where the weather allows. E 'can also growing at home, if they are guaranteed the ideal growing conditions.
Exposure and brightness: the plant must be exposed in places sunny and sheltered from currents of air temperature: prefers a mild climate, free from excessive thermal shock.
Substrate: medium fertility, soil too shallow and rocky limestone. The preference is for fresh, well-drained soils. And 'possible to prepare the ground by mixing earth, peat, clay and sand.
Irrigation: living in arid environments, but in the spring requires emergency irrigation. In the presence of young plants is important to intervene in times of drought.
Fertilization: use fertilization to provide nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and many other trace elements, while improving the physical properties of the soil and its permeability. excellent ripe manure before planting.
Propagation: It can be done through the use of so-called "mamelons" which are bulges at the base of the plant, but that sometimes develop on the stem. They can be used all suckers or rooted cuttings for propagation. Of course it can also be sown.
Repotting: It is done during the spring, every 2 years or so, a utilizando soil cultivation.
Pruning: Pruning is required for production. and 'can remove dead branches or damaged.
Pests: Can be affected by different kinds of fungal or parasitic diseases but in reality, the main hardships are caused simply by the climate and nutritional deficiencies.
Small tips: Olive Processing in bonsai form, does not present many difficulties, as it is a very robust and vigorous plant, it emits readily new shoots even on very old trunks. Stands up well to drastic pruning that must be made in early spring or late spring, staying well away from the cold periods. The varieties recommended for growing bonsai are: Leccino, Moraiolo, cypress, olive press, maurino.
Vessel Diameter: Ø 16
Plant Height: 30 cm Min / Max 40 cm

The pictures are an indication about the actual plant shipped, which may have slightly different hue and shape from what is shown here, understanding the type and species.


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